About Us

We are a small startup based out of Ohio, focused on developing new, exciting, and innovative technology and software to shape our futures for years to come. Although initially starting with mobile development, we have many other projects in the works that help shape our company values and goals - leading well into the future.

At Yodac, we strive to bring the best games and user experience without the expense of the communities that play them. As avid players of many popular mobile apps (and some not-so-popular) we enjoyed the broad spectrum of gameplay and design currently on the market - but saw ways we could improve upon them in hopes of expanding and improving the overall quality of games. Although we are a small company, we strive towards higher standards in order to bring the best experience to users all over the world - both in mobile development and in all other endeavors we take on.

As part of our culture, we make it a point to find new and creative ways to bring excitement into our web admin’s life. Whom, we might add, lent a helping hand in writing this page and deploying it to the inter webs. Granted, we had to persuade him by showing him the value of his knee caps.

We welcome any and all feedback. We especially encourage negative feedback as we proudly choose to ignore comments and suggestions we disagree with. So if you decide you have a suggestion, comment, or question for us, please do not hesitate to submit feedback. We are highly unlikely to contact you back, but we greatly appreciate the attention. And who knows - we might like your idea and find ourselves implementing it!